West Virginia and Washington Co., Ohio

We only accept requests from organizations in West Virginia and Washington County, Ohio with our main focus being the Mid-Ohio Valley area.  


Grantees whose services extend to the residents of West Virginia and Washington Co., Ohio, but whose location may be just outside the primary geographical area. 



Grants will be made primarily in the area of social welfare and shall be tax-exempt organizations as designated under IRS Code, primarily 501(c)(3).  Our main focus is basis human needs.

  • Social Welfare shall be those organizations whose primary function is to serve the general welfare requirements of people whose circumstances in life require that they receive financial or social aid to improve their quality of life.



Grants will NOT be made to the following:

  • National charitable organizations, excepting chapters located in the primary geographical area, which utilize grant monies for specific use in the geographical area.
  • Government agencies and departments and their projects, the support of which come or should come from government coffers as supplied by taxpayers. Grants shall not be made for political purposes.
  • Entities that are not recognized as tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Service codes.
  • Organizations requesting grants for religious purposes, excepting faith-based charities dedicated to the pursuit of activities covered by the Foundation's Bylaws.
  • Public or private school clubs, sports, extra-curricular organizations or facilities used primarily for athletics or athletic events.
  • The funding of individuals or for group travels.
Able Families After School

Able Families After School

Doddridge County Opportunity Council

Doddridge County Opportunity Council

Kids go to summer camp - Able Families After Scool

Kids go to summer camp - Able Families After School

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